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Twitter is one of the most active channels for customer feedback. While some find this as part of their Customer Feedback strategy, others don’t.


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Twitter, amidst other channels, Is actively used by customers to express their feedback and thoughts on your services. . Having a holistic view of your customers from Twitter and other similar channels would seem like a difficult task, hence the need for a platform that can provide this result in a very simplified manner. hiveCFM does this by actively listening to your customers, and aggregates their feedback into one analytics dashboard, thereby empowering your customer care team to have a holistic view of your customers whether from Twitter or other.

Twitter being an open social platform and accountability does encourage more people to share their thoughts and feedback on the platform more than other platforms, making it a very important channel to track part of your Customer Feedback Programs

Openess to brands' Involvement

Openess to brands' Involvement 93%

Mobile Device Users

Mobile Device Users 80%

Video Tweets Views

Video Tweets Views 93%

Twitter Nature Affecting Tweeting About Brands

Twitter Nature Affecting Tweeting About Brands 61%

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